Project list for the engineering students based on Micro-controller, these are the limited projects listed for the students. They can be used by other Electrical , Electronics and other relevant disciplines . In case if you have some specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d like to hear your ideas and our team will assist you in every possible way to turn out that into a final project.

We provide one stop for entire Project related requirements and assistance in academics activities like conference, workshop, training, seminar etc.

Project List

Code Project Title
MCB01 GSM Based Home Automation : 4-5 device control
MCB02 Finger Print Based Attendance system
MCB03 Voice Recognition Based Security System
MCB04 RFID Based ID Recognition Security syatem
MCB05 Alcohal & LPG Based Black Box with GSM Alerting
MCB06 Robotic Vechile control using Voice
MCB07 Navigation System using GPS
MCB08 Industrial Fault Monitoring System using GSM
MCB09 Controller Area Network
MCB10 Finger Print Based EVM
MCB11 IVRS For Collage & Schools
MCB12 Alcohol Detection Vechile Survillance System
MCB13 RFID nased Person Identification System
MCB14 RFID Based Local Vechile Tracking System
MCB15 Automatic Challan System
MCB16 Touch Screen Based Robotic Car
MCB17 Pre-Paid Energy Meter
MCB18 RFID Prepaid Car Parking
MCB19 Gesture Controll Robot Using Xibee
MCB20 Multilavel Car Parking
MCB21 Room Light Controller
MCB22 Data Communication Through IR\Fiber\Lager
MCB23 Data Secuirty System
MCB24 GSM BASED fIre fighter robot with water tank
MCB25 Automatic Railway Crossing Gate Controller
MCB26 Raiway Crossing Gate & Track Changer
MCB27 Automatic walking Robot
MCB28 Line Tracker Robot
MCB29 An Intelligent Ambulance Car
MCB30 Ultrasonic Distance Meter
MCB31 Bus Fare Pay System For Passengers
MCB32 Gas Detector Robot
MCB33 Electronic Voting Machine
MCB34 Telephone Answering Machnice
MCB35 Solar Tarker System
MCB36 Speed Checker For Highways
MCB37 Radar System unauthourise Aroplan Detector
MCB38 Fastest-Finger-First Using 89c51
MCB39 Microcontroller Based D.C. Motor Control
MCB40 Stepper Motor Controller using Atmel
MCB41 Microcontroller Based Code Lock
MCB42 LCD Frequency Meter
MCB43 Microcontroller Based Temperature Meter
MCB44 Microcontroller Based Heart Beat Moniter
MCB45 Traffic Light Controller
MCB46 Anolog To Digital Coneverter
MCB47 Ultrasonic Movement Detector
MCB48 Microcontroller based Tachometer
MCB49 PWM DC Motor Controller
MCB50 Ultrasonic Distance Meter
MCB51 Train Anti-Collision Using IR Signals
MCB52 Automatic Phase Changer
MCB53 Metro Train Prototype
MCB54 Industrial Fault Detection Cum Automation ystem
MCB55 Tempratur Control Fan
MCB56 Data & Voice Communication Through Power Line
MCB57 Vehical Status Identification System
MCB58 Speed Motor Controller
MCB59 RFID Based Access Control System
MCB60 Automated Toll Tax

Want to Work on any of the Project from the list or if you have your own idea, Just drop us a line. Our representative will get back to you !

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