Project list for the PC interface, these are the limited projects listed for the students, these projects are PC (Desktop or Laptop)interfaced. In case if you have some specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d like to hear your ideas and our team will assist you in every possible way to turn that into a final project.

We provide one stop for entire Project related requirements and assistance in academics activities like conference, workshop, training, seminar etc.

Project List

Code Project Title
PCI01 PC-To-PC Communication ( IR/Optical Fiber)
PCI02 PWM DC Motor Controller Using C++
PCI03 PC Bsed Robotic Arm
PCI04 Speech Recognition Based Security System
PCI05 Speech Control Robotic Car
PCI06 Speech control AC Electrical Device
PCI07 Thumb Scanner Based Attendance System
PCI08 PC based Multilevel Car Parking
PCI09 PC Based Solar Tracker System
PCI10 PC Based Visitor Counter
PCI11 PC Based Visitor Counter
PCI12 PC Based Stepper Motor Controller
PCI13 PC Based Room Light Controller
PCI14 Gesture Controll using Image Processing
PCI15 Comparisoon of Blocking Probability WDM(MATLAB)
PCI16 Comparision of LMS & RLS Equalizer (MATLAB)
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