A message on World Teacher’s Day: 


Earlier this week was World Teachers’ Day. The theme for 2016 was “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status.” The day (October 5) was dedicated to honoring women and men around the globe who have chosen the life-changing profession of teaching.

Life-changing, and also world-changing! Each school day, teachers have the solemn duty to walk into a classroom, or perhaps under a tree or the like, often with limited resources… knowing the future is really in their hands. Not just the future of each child sitting there, but the future of his or her family, village, town, nation, even really… the world.

Now THAT’S an important job! Where would any of us be today without our teachers?
Let’s think. Do you remember a teacher who really transformed your life? What did he or she teach you?
Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge and skills. It’s also about building character and a community of citizens ready and able to build more prosperous nations, and a healthier world.

According to UNESCO, almost 28.5 million teachers will be needed to ensure primary education for all children by the year 2030. Do you have what it takes to do this life-changing, world-changing work?

We believe quality education for children can change the world! But, of course, it all starts with excellent teachers.

Some say that outstanding teachers should be seen as the real celebrities of our society. I agree. And all of us can play our part to make that happen – parents, the private sector, governments, the media.

The pen didn’t change the world,it was those who took the pains to pass it around that did.

This week, and every day, let’s show our respect and appreciation to all the teachers around the world, most of them unsung heroes, who inspire our children to greatness.
I think we all have at least one teacher we really remember.

Have you ever tried to find them and say thank you? Most of us probably haven’t… Why not take the time to recognize those teachers, and share here what made them so memorable?

Is there an innovative and inspiring teacher who you think should be nominated for the Global Teacher Prize? Or perhaps you want to nominate yourself? (This is fine!) The closing date for the next $1 million annual prize is 14 October 2016. You can find out more at   www.globalteacherprize.org.

To all of my own teachers, I thank you.


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