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The Hadoop market is undergoing enormous growth globally and is showing no signs of slowing down. Hadoop is an open-source tool that processes Big Data. It is cost-effective and scalable.  It has now become a vital addition to the commercially available Big Data solutions. Big Data and Hadoop skill could mean the difference between having your dream career and getting left behind.

Are you a fresher who wants to kick start his career in IT sector? Given below is the list of top 5 reasons why you should make your career in Hadoop. Let’s understand them one by one.


Hadoop is an open source software framework that stores data and can run applications on clusters of commodity hardware.  The amount of data developed by mankind is growing rapidly every year due to the arrival of new devices, technologies and means of communication like social media sites. Hadoop has the capability to handle efficiently large volumes of structured and unstructured data than the traditional enterprise data warehouse. Hence Hadoop is found everywhere in the world. Also, Hadoop Market is growing at an incredible rate. Sectors such as transportation, BSFI (i.e. Banking Financial Services & Insurance), and retail already use it. It is increasingly being adopted by other industries too.


Currently, there is lack of Hadoop Professionals. There is the need for Hadoop Talent to understand and to be able to work with multiple variables (i.e. data management, parallel processing, distributed computing, parallel processing, software engineering, etc.). Anyone can learn them by joining Hadoop Program. But it takes time to learn them. As a result, there is a significant gap between the growing demand for its usage and the expertise that is available.As a limited number of people have Hadoop skills, employers are ready to offer higher pay. The IT professionals with good experience in big data and its related databases, skills and languages get bigger paychecks. It is expected that there will be more job postings for Hadoop and better hike in Hadoop professional salaries by the year 2020.


The big data revolution is creating more and more jobs in this domain. With IoT (i.e. Internet of Things) becoming more and more dominant, the demand for Hadoop skills is bound to increase even more. Job opportunities for Hadoop specialists and data scientists are developing across industries, from e-retailers and web companies to healthcare, media, financial services and utilities. Constant advancement in Hadoop technologies and a rise in investments would ensure greater opportunities in the upcoming years. Companies hiring such professionals are looking for various roles. Some of them include Developers, Admins and Architects.

Because of the increased enterprise adoption of Hadoop, there are lots of opportunities for both Fresher and experienced as well as for software and hardware specialists in the big data domain. Considering the wide gap between the supply and demand of Hadoop professionals and talent crunch, Fresher who can show their expertise in Hadoop through hands-on project experience are hired easily.


Hadoop is easily able to store and process huge amounts of data. Its complete horsepower and capability have impressed many. Although Hadoop is used for warehousing data, it’s also used for predictive analytics, data discovery, and ETL. Top companies like Dell, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, eBay and Oracle are relying on this programming language.


One can find the better career in Hadoop, by looking at the Big data market report, it shows the growing trend and the potential, which will keep growing with time. The market or career trend of Hadoop is not a short-lived process because the big data and its similar technologies are here to stay for long. Hadoop offers the advance career for both the professionals of IT experienced and fresher. Hence it is beneficial to add the precious Hadoop skills to your career profile.

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