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Technology is everywhere around us, almost in every part of our culture. It has changed everything, including our way of living, working, playing, and most importantly education.

In today’s world of education, the role of technology is becoming more predominant. Both textbooks and notebooks have been replaced by Tablets, blackboard to smart boards, boring classroom to interactive classroom and a lot more. Altogether the technology has completely transformed the way of our living. As technology improves, new styles of teaching are being introduced. This technology has reduced the work and energy of lecturers. In those days, lecturers used to refer several books, prepare their notes and explain all aspects and important points to their students. Thanks to the technology that made both lecturers and students’ job easier.

Here are a few new technologies which are used by the lecturers in their classroom to gain the attention of their students.

PowerPoint presentations

It is a powerful tool in the classroom. Lecturers with the assistance of laptops or projectors can play their presentation to their students. With the help of the slideshows, students can make a note of every important point. This helps the students to study thoroughly and to organize their own notes.

Educational CD’s and DVD’s

There are several 3D animated educational CDs and DVDs launched by several educational websites which can be easily installed on both laptops and in computers and can be viewed several times. This tool helps students to learn every concept in detail including science diagrams, solving different mathematics problems like vectors, probability, geometry, etc.

Digital classrooms with smart board

This new methodology of teaching is an interactive board that functions as a full-screen computer. The main advantages of using this digital class in schools are:

  • It is a time-saving process and reduces the use of paper, both by lecturers and students.
  • With the assistance of digital classroom, students can submit their assignments to digital drop-boxes and teachers can evaluate these with the help of their tablets.
  • Through this tool, both teacher and students can share all their assignments and project reports online.

Mobile applications

There are various mobile applications available for both lower and higher class students. As the kids are addicted to playing with their elder’s mobile phones, these tools can be helpful in their studies. Apart from the regular studies, these mobile apps have some interesting activities like finding out the missing numbers, prime numbers from 1 to 100, adding the numbers, puzzles and a lot more. This application can be used both in their home and in classrooms.

The new methodology of teaching has reduced the strain of each lecturer and student. With the assistance of these technologies, students will understand easily and clearly. This style of classroom lecturing has introduced an interactive session between the students and lectures, encourage students to stay focused during class, take down the important points and lastly, it will increase the concentration towards their studies.

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Contributor: Pooja Jain, BYJU’s – The Learning App |, Think and Learn Pvt Ltd

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