There are many options, such as whether to develop a human resource management system with a scratch or to purchase packages and tools.

Even if you decide to introduce a human resource management system, many people may have stopped because they do not know how to choose.

Here are some points to consider when selecting a human resource management system.

Clarify the purpose of the introduction

First, clarify the purpose of introducing the system.

Let’s clarify what kind of work you want to make more efficient and what kind of issues you have now.

If the purpose is not clear in the first stage, it is easy to happen that it will not be used even if it is introduced.

Depending on the purpose, the necessary functions and the cost to use are determined, so let’s clarify this before looking for a specific system.

Cost and support system

Cost is also an important factor in introducing a human resource management system. It can be roughly divided into the following two fee systems.

● Initial cost 0 yen + fixed monthly fee or unit price per person x number of people
● First time package or license payment in one lump + maintenance fee

The former is easy to choose regardless of the size of the company because of the low hurdles to implement. On the other hand, the latter is expensive for large companies because of the high initial costs.

The support system is as important as the implementation cost. Let’s check the following four.

Is there a dedicated support staff immediately after the introduction?

Is there an immediate software update due to the revision of laws such as the tax system?

Is the data backup system perfect?

Is speedy support in case of computer trouble?


The data contained in the human resource management system is a huge amount of personal information.

Needless to say, the system must have strong security that prevents such data from leaking outside.

Therefore, one of the important factors is whether there is a mechanism that can prevent external hacking and unauthorized access.

Let’s make sure of how the security is secured and how the data is retained.

Managing human resource data centrally by introducing a human resource management system is the first step in improving operational efficiency and utilizing human resources. However, the most important thing is how to make the most of it.

After clarifying how the data obtained from the system will be used and what direction the company should aim for, it can be said that data analysis and utilization will come alive.

Author: Tryphena Dudley, Content Manager, Zoe Talent Solutions

Disclaimer: Article is published under Guest Post policy of the Tech Counsellor. For more please visit Guest Post Policy of the Website.

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