The Department of Science and Technology invites concept note under ‘Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM)’ for appropriate intervention of yoga and meditation to fight against COVID-19 and other similar kind of viruses.

The aim of this special call is to provide assistance to our society in today’s critical condition arises due to pandemic COVID-19. Since, this is a need based call; therefore, proposed work should be completed within 6-12 months.
Teams of Scientists, clinicians and experienced practitioners of yoga and meditation who have proven track record in the field of yoga and meditation research are encouraged to submit concept note so that a large section of the society can be served with appropriate practices. The concept note should cover aims and objectives of proposed work, existing literature, methodology, expected outcome, budget requirement and details of host institutions along with detailed biodata of Principal Investigator with latest publications included in scientific journal databases. Broad Themes: The project may address any one of the following themes:

A. Improving immunity
B. Improving respiratory system and interventions to overcome respiratory disorders like
COPD etc.
C. Stress, anxiety and depression related issues due to isolation, uncertainty, disruptions in
normal life, etc.


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