Future of Artificial Intelligence In Journalism – Automated Journalism

Artificial Intelligence is spreading its presence into every possible industry. It has already started showing its impact on all the key industries like health, education, agriculture, etc. with its widespread advantages that help the industry to serve their customers effectively. Emergence of Bots The world before artificial intelligence was so much of manual activities and needs human presence in every part of life. Every industry…

Top 5 AI driven m-commerce trends to watch out in 2018: Infographics

36.8 B USD is the AI market size projected by 2025. AI is expected to have a notable engagement in almost every industry vertical. It is easily going to among the next level technological shifts. Contributor: Roberto Garvin <roberto.garvin@mofluid.com> Author: Roberto Garvin, Co-founder, Mofluid; Email: roberto.garvin@mofluid.com;   Website: https://mofluid.com/ This article is published by Tech Counsellor, under its Guest Post Policy. Disclaimer:

Time to embrace Industry 4.0 quality Principles for smart factory and manufacturers

With constantly new products being launched in the market and bridging the need of the customers, it becomes important for the manufacturers to provide quality products hence. The audience is in no position to accept any fluff from the manufacturers. One defect or mistake in the product and there is no second chance. Therefore whether you are in the filter and cartridges industry, automobile or…

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on the Construction Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making headlines for some time now. People from all walks of life from high school teachers to tech gurus like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk,and Mark Zuckerberg have passed their opinions about it.The field is on such a quick pace of development that even the foremost experts are not able to keep up with it. The AI software industry is predicted…

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