Fraud Detection & Prevention Solution To Reduce Chargeback

Contributor: Anuj Patel, Marketing Head, DthPay – Sri Lanka  Like the offline payment system, online payments system also composed of many members who are usually termed as actors. The ecosystem compromises of the buyers, sellers, a platform that connects the merchants with their customers, payment facilitators, payment gateways, also the acquirers and the card association. Thus, fraud in the online system can arise due to any illegal activities…

Positive Impact of Technology on our Health

Positive Impact of Technology on our Health This guest post is published on request. Permission to reproduce the article in the same/modified format has been granted by Natasha Goins (Content Editor of Positive Health Wellness) on 13 June 2017. Article Originally Published on PHW by: Karen Reed, on 22 Feb 2017. We hear all the time about how technology is bad for us. Since the…

A message on World Teacher’s Day

A message on World Teacher’s Day:  Earlier this week was World Teachers’ Day. The theme for 2016 was “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status.” The day (October 5) was dedicated to honoring women and men around the globe who have chosen the life-changing profession of teaching. Life-changing, and also world-changing! Each school day, teachers have the solemn duty to walk into a classroom, or perhaps under…

Engineers in India are mostly unemployed or in unrelated job fields

Every parent’s dream is for their children is to be happy, healthy and have a successful job. The last one can get a little tricky, however, as what is deemed “successful” is often associated with a career in the medical field, a lawyer or an engineer. It is understandable why these career paths would be the most coveted – people are always going to need healthcare professionals,…

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