The objective of this project is to build a tank car that can be controlled by gesture wirelessly. User is able to control motions of the tank by wearing the controller glove and performing predefined gestures. This tank can detect block objects and stop automatically; in addition, feedback messages are sent to the controller and warn the user by displaying a massage on LCD display. This project provides a basic platform for many potential applications such as wireless controlled car racing games, gesture human -machine interfacing, and etc. For this project, ATMega16 micro controller, 1.5G 3 Axis Linear Accelerometer Module and CC2500 Wireless Module are employed for the controller; ATMega16, CC2500 Wireless Module, and infra-red sensor or are employed for the controlled tank. A pair of CC2500 Wireless Module is used to communicate between the controller and tank. Most of controllers of existing remote robot tank require users to interface with joysticks and push buttons. Comparing to these conventional controllers, we built a wireless gesture controller which enables toys to mock hand motions in all three dimensions.


  • Title :Gesture COntrol Robot
  • Technology :Accelerometer, Xibee
  • Software used :AVR, OrCAD
  • Microcontroller :Atmega 8/16
  • Category :Electronics / Embedded / Wireless Communication
  • Project Report :Available
  • Coding :Available
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