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TECH COUNSELLOR welcomes all the Doctors, Engineering Students & Professionals, Research Scholars, Engineering Colleges, Universities and Industry People to join us for our Membership Program to exchange information ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate and to network with us and other people and industry group.

Students / Research Scholars
Scientist / Faculty
Professionals / Industry People
Groups / Societies
Organization / Industry
University / Institute

There are Three Types of memberships for various Group based on background, domain, expertise and experience:

  1. TECH Associate Members: Engineers, University students, postgraduate researchers, Faculty from Institute / University and Individuals / Industry people can join Tech Counsellor as Tech Associate Members (if you possess more than 5 Year of experience or having PhD - Pursuing / Completed please apply for Research Group Member)
  2. TECH Research Group Members: (Scientist and PhD's) Working Professional from Industry / Research Organisation in Science or Research domain can join Tech Counsellor as Tech Research Group Member. People who have PhD / M.Tech and working in Universities are also eligible for this Category.
  3. TECH Senior / Fellow Members:  The grade of Tech Senior / Fellow Member (Fellow, Tech Counsellor) is conferred on engineers, working professionals and scientists of distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who have made extraordinary contributions in the engineering, science and research field. He/She must have a minimum 10 years of Experience in the relevant domain / Industry.

Benefits to Tech Counsellor Member:

  • Members can propose ideas, thoughts
  • Publish article and post on our website/social media
  • Associate with our 'Member Group' or 'Partner' and get help on organizing Conference, Seminar, Workshop etc
  • With the activities Tech Counsellor run time to time etc
  • Student may request for Internship 
  • Discount on the Products or Services we offered
  • Digital Presence on our portal
  • Discounts on Conference / Events organised by Tech Counsellor or if Tech Counsellor is associated with the event
  •  Free Consultancy to Students / Associate Member or if recommended by any of Research / Senior Fellow Member
  • Opportunities to Join event/ seminar/conference organised or supported by Tech Counsellor
  • Certificate of Membership

If you would like to "Join Us" and want to get the "Invitation From Tech Counsellor". Drop us a line at | (With Subject: Email for Invitation of Membership) with your brief Resume or Bio Data or Subscribe to Our Mailing List.

There will be no membership fee in according with our objective to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas freely.

Apply for Membership

Terms and Condition:

  • For any query contact our team at
  • Merely filling the form does not guarantee the approval
  • Tech Counsellor may contact you for the confirmation
  • You agree to Terms and Condition mentioned in Disclaimer of our website.
  • Tech Counsellor reserved all rights and may change membership category after analysing your profile and reserved right to nominate any member for senior fellow member.

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