An important aspect about climate is its variability. It has always played a critical role and been a limiting factor in decision making in shaping the future of Earth and mankind.

Therefore, climate change is of vital global concern that may pose significant environmental, Economic, social and political challenges for years and decades to come. It is scientifically complex to predict, and it’s impacts are far reaching on our environment ar planetary scales.

As research indicates, Mountains are early indications of climate change. The research on subject of climate change vis-a-vis it impact on ecosystem in Himalayan region, is still in its infancy stage. Further the difficulty involved in the prediction of climate change demand the art of forecasting being pushed towards perfect science, necessitating a paradigm shift. This also calls for extensive cooperation and collaboration among the scientific community engaged in the field.

The National Conference on ‘AEROSOLS, AIR QUALITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ON HIMALAYAN REGION OF UTTARAKHAND (AAC- 2018)’ to be held at HNG Garhwal Central University Sringar, Uttarakhand is more than timely.

I sincerely hope that the conference will not only facilitate better understanding and provide impetus in motivating budding researchers and scientists to take us the challenges in this ever evolving field, but also groom them towards becoming efficient decision makers. My best wishes to all participants and organiser for success of the event.

Jai Hind.

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