We analyze the market, scouting for references and researching for competitors. This overview facilitates helps the following analysis of the core user, what they wants or needs, and how to build a product that will appeal to them.

Study the assignment
Understand the work and user strategy
Research the requirement

Tech Counsellor designs the experience in 3 steps, each increasing in detail, from the flow to the wire frames and from pen and paper to high-definition prototype.

Sketch the main experience
High-definition wireframes
Research the requirement

Engaging products and services generate memorable experiences, which lead to customer loyalty, this is what we have achieved so far. Design matters a lot, we have the best in the industry and we make product very attractive

Layout Design
Interaction Design
Final Testing

No matter how hard it seems, or how difficult it is, whatever you hope for your product to look like or the services you have asked, we assured it to be like that only.

On Time
Visually Seductive
Technical Compliance
Value-added Design