Frequently Asked Questions

Tech Counsellor provides service in the various field, we'd like to hear from you for your any specific query.

We have tried to bring out few Questions which might be helpful for you and about our approach and procedure to work. However in case if you have some different questions other than this please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We believe in Technology, for every problem we tend to provide the best solution.

We provide the best Consultancy with proper research.

Q:  On what area does Tech Counsellor work and provide services?
A: Tech Counsellor is the group of professionals and researchers providing services in the various domain. We provide Consultancy in the domain related to engineering, academic, research, water and environment domain. 

We are capable enough to face the global challenges of the dynamic market and meet the requirements of our valuable customers.

Q:  Our Core Disciplines in which we deal and proved services?
A: Tech Counsellor provides the solution for the services mentioned on our website (check service section) to all people and students who required them.
We are dealing with all Core Engineering and Non-Engineering domain.

Q: When will we receive our projects or Product? 
For Engineering projects Section:
A: After upon initial payment for your project, which is likely to be 40-50% of the cost of the project. It takes maximum 20-25 days.

For Industry or Organization Products (on-demand product):
A: It depends upon your requirement, R&D from our end which will require, and other ToC. All these things will directly be discussed with you before starting that Project.

For Products and Services on Water and Environment Domain?
A: Once we received a confirm order in advance (based on prior communication), it takes maximum 10-12 working days (based on availability). Also, this will depends on the Product Manufacturer/Company. As we do import some products from other countries. 

For Website Development: One Month Including 3 drafts for modification before final launch.

Q:  We require something which is not available on the website?
A: Products listed on our website are very limited. We deal with a variety of range of products and services (Core Engineering, Environment Process, and Water Domain). If you have some requirement which is not listed, drop us a line or call us with some detail. Rest our team will take care.

Q:  How can we  Communicate with the Tech Counsellor Team?
A: We are very much active on Google (Gmail), Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube). Drop us a line on info@techcounsellor | Our team will respond you in next 48 working hour.

Q:  How to pay charges for the services of TC?
A: NEFT/NET Banking, Bank Trasnfer, PayPal

Name: R2E Technologies Private Limited
Account Number: 159405500368
IFSC: ICIC0001594

Q:  My query is not listed here, what should I do?
A:  Feel free to write a mail or call us directly. Our team will communicate you with the best possible response.

If still, your queries are unanswered, you can directly write to us at any time.

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