Tech Counsellor inked MoU with Axelta Systems

Tech Counsellor has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Axelta Systems Private Limited, a Hyderabad based leading Internet of Things Training, Solutions, Products, Platform & Consultancy Provider, to enhance cooperation on the Internet of Things and Exchange of Information and Knowledge between the two firms, effective from 22 March 2018.

As per this MoU, both sides would work to enhance cooperation and relation between two group by developing Research Collaboration and Interchange in research, training, product development on the Internet of Things (IoT), Center of Excellence (CoE) and other activities.

Within the framework of the regulations applying in each group, the following programmes and activities would be encouraged:

  • Exchange of Products and Services in which either of the company/firm is working and or the company is dealing with as manufacturer or service provider.
  • Joint Research Activities in the domain both the group are working.
  • Exchange of Staff’s / Student / Member for Research and Study.
  • Special consideration to member(s) for the facilities offered by the Group.
  • For participating in the IoT related Services and Consultancy program as a Business Partner, and demonstrating the commitment to establish the Training Centre(s), Incubation Cell in the domain of IoT and to bridge out the gap between Industry and Academia.

This collaboration between Axelta and Tech Counsellor would also encourage students, individuals, and industry people to work on IoT domain, and Tech Counsellor will be focusing on providing its consultancy services ina more better professional way with the expertise available from Axelta Systems.

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